Busige Cell in Namisambya 11 ward, a village located along Kamuli-Iganga road 3km from Kamuli town is where our ministry headquarters and childcare is located. The village is faced with shortage of water.

Due to a high demand for water supply, one borehole which serves over 250 households breaks down often. In search for cleaner water, the residents and our children at the Center must walk Miles or fetch from swamps and wells which has always caused them several diseases.

Recently, during our opinion leaders and locals meeting we agreed to work together in search for support for setting up a new reliable water source i.e. a new borehole, or dig, buildup and connect tap water in a neighborhood. We also launched a search for humanitarians who would give us a hand in this regard. We are sure that a second borehole would solve water shortages in our community.

We thus send in our request for support and we shall be grateful if granted.
The quotation covers at least USD 2,000.

For any clarification or direction, our programs manager can be contacted on +256772240914, info@yofochm.org.