Men’s Sacco (Team Mutwalo)
In the past years, we initiated a Man-Up program to actively help us mobilize and engage boys and men in the fight against gender inequalities, and involve them in tackling issues of reproductive health and sexual rights.

As the program grows, we have been able to launch a Men Sacco called Team Mutwalo as a self development to the men in the community. At its formation, we agreed to save ten thousand shilling every week and we give the collected total funds to whoever the members vote at a particular Sunday.
The winner is asked to make a budget for the money and whatever he puts on the list must be bought on that very day the and items given out to the member on that very day,

Our aim was to help men save but at the same time develop their houses and homes. I thank God that the team has yield better results and brought happiness in many of these men families. Part of our Men’s current projects are, poultry and farming.