Since the initiation of our ministry to young people, we have been speaking to their souls on our Godly values, inspiring them into living a life that God purposed for them and during our missions, we counsel, pray and dedicate their lives unto God.

But nevertheless, there was need to startup a church ministry in the community we serve (of Busige) which hosts over 250 households. In January 2021, our ministry was able to start up a church fellowship at Yofochm Center, and to date we are witnessing God transform drug addicts, prostitutes, thieves and young people that families had given up on and many of them are now supporting the church ministry through joining different church departments.

Currently, we do not have a church structure and church congregation enjoys the church service outside on the verandas in the sun / rain at Yofochm Center. We thus need to urgently setup / build a church structure for congregation. We need a church shelter. It is indeed inconveniencing when it is shiny/or rainy

The good news, we have secured a land adjacent to the center where our church, school and medical centre shall be built. This is why your support is very important, we have a lot to accomplish for the kingdom but resources are limiting.

Like for the church, the village that hosts over 250 households with a population of over 200,000 children has no nearby primary, secondary and vocational institutes. There is no health center and not even a clinic. The children and some sponsored by our ministry travel kilometers for school and health services.

We thus need your support to construct the church, build the school and the health facility in the community