The ministry established Yofochm Radio Uganda, a charity voice  making moments for people to abide in Christ.

Since its initiation, we have been able to mobilize young people for Christ, counsel, and build up more discouraged believers, and share the hope we have in Christ. We are listener supported and we do not charge for any of our listener-ship hence operating as a 100% not – for – profit venture.

As a Christian organization, our content is purely Christian i.e., the music, the shows and the teaching we offer are Christian based. The radio has helped us reach many young people beyond our physical reach and engagements in communities and schools in and outside Uganda.

Besides our Online Radio Broadcasts, in April 2021, we were able to set up a community communication platform / flared transmission channel i.e. Megaphones that were mounted up in the air space at our Center to offer immediate local communication services.

This ‘radio transmission’ is helping us to preach to the nearby communities who can’t afford radio sets and are unable to listen via the internet as well as giving the local people an opportunity to discuss and understand issues / programs from the government at their capacity level.

Community leaders are invited every weekday at 8pm in our studios to discuss issues at hand and listeners in the community are given the opportunity to participate in the show by phone-ins. We hope it can be helpful to transmit our selected programs from your satellite.

The Megaphones communicate to all over 15 villages around. For those locals who can’t access our online radio or even own radio sets to listen to one of the local Fm station (Ssebo Fm) in Kamuli where we also have an early morning hour of prayer and the word every week (Monday to Friday), they can hear the word of God, and other social programs in and outside the community via our Megaphones.

The Megaphone ‘radio’ is part of our media initiative to proclaim the gospel far and wide, added to our online radio and other sponsored programs on one partner local radio station(Ssebo Fm) in Kamuli, Uganda.

Fm Station Vision

To reach more people and communities for Christ, there is need for our ministry to start and own an fm station in combination with our Online Radio and the megaphones.

Currently, we are looking at a budget of at least UGX 900 Millions.

For more information, please write directly to the Director,

Stephen Kapere,
Founder / President, Youth for charity missions international (Yofochm)
P.O BOX 7881 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 772 053408, Office: +256 39 2 839977