For over 10 years, the cost of transporting our teams and volunteers to the field, supplies to our centers and the sick in the community to the hospital with rented vehicles have been extremely costly. Recognizing the critical nature of our services and with the on-going COVID-19 restrictions on public transportation, we agreed on having our own service van to make our mission more cost effective and run more smoothly.

Together with New Life Church of Jesus Christ, USA, we launched out a virtual fundraising campaign which saw some of our social media friends, international friends through New Life Church contribute funds towards purchasing our mission van. We thus collected USD 6,000 and by the time of this report a Nissan AD Van has been paid off in Japan and serving its purpose at our Center in Kamuli, Uganda.

We are so grateful to Pr. Rodney Gray, New Life Church of Jesus Christ (USA), and all friends in Uganda and USA for all their efforts towards achieving this success. God bless you.