Get Involved, Become A Volunteer


YOFOCHM welcomes all people including church leaders and missionaries to volunteer with us in Uganda in various areas of their calling. Students from across the world including Uganda can also apply to come and work with YOFOCHM in various projects for their internship as they choose.


  • Willingness or interest
  • Travel documents (passports).
  • A copy of valid identification cards (passport, permit, National ID, school or university ID).
  • Valid visas (Uganda offers some countries on entry at the airport, so one can check out from the immigration or with the Ugandan Embassy in his/her country or closer to his/her country).
  • Filled volunteer application forms
  • Recommendation letters from the sending church, company, school or university, parents.
  • Valid passport photographs taken at least in the last six months.
  • All necessary immunizations or shots. (the recommended ones are hepatitis B, malaria, Ebola, yellow fever, and others as your doctor may recommend).
  • Do a study on Uganda by goggling the country. To get prior information (optional).
  • Necessary funds to sustain the volunteer / intern.
  • Anyone who is intending to spend more than one month shall be required to sign a confidentiality clause at the very start of work or mission.
  • Roles of YOFOCHM to a volunteer / an internship applicant
  • Approve the application forms.
  • Provide all the necessary information to the intending person.
  • Provide transport to and fro the airport to the intern.
  • Ensure that the intern is accorded enough security during his/her stay in Uganda with Yofochm
  • State a clear Job description, which shall be agreed upon with the volunteer / intern.
  • Provide a short training to the volunteer / intern. The duration of training shall depend on the duration one is willing to stay in Uganda. For example, if one is in Uganda for a week one day or six hours shall be enough for the training.
  • Provide a conducive working environment.
  • Provide an interpreter where necessary.
  • Provide working room, materials and equipment where necessary.
  • Provide transport during the stay of a volunteer / an intern.
  • Provide a clear accountability of funds if they were delivered to Yofochm.
  • Provide all the moral, spiritual and emotional support where necessary or as it shall be requested.
  • Provide meals during working hours.
  • Provide an appreciation certificate at the end of every stay. The certificate should indicate the nature of work done, duration, an appreciating and encouraging scripture, date of submission and valid stamp and seal.
  • Open a file for each and every volunteer / intern.
  • For students, Yofochm shall provide the college or university with a letter of proof indicating the number of days, hours, nature of work done, name of supervisor, and with valid stamps and seal plus any other thing that the university/college may require.
  • Total cost: $1,000 (a week). This cost includes food, water, housing, team t-shirt, local transportation including airport transfers, a contribution to outreach costs, admin fee and tour.
    Cost excludes: International flight, domestic flight, vaccinations and personal travel insurance. Please contact us for more info on applying & making payments.