Get Involved, Namisambya Youth center project

The purpose of the Project. The purpose of the project is to provide the Youth and Community a Centre to enable essential services for young people to be provided. The Centre also would accommodate a church, be available for general community use. It is envisaged that the new facilities will be an inviting and vibrant community space where the community, particularly young people, can meet, connect, interact, receive training, counseling and enjoy a range of spiritual, social and recreational activities. The services are given to the youths free of charge meanwhile the community (adults) pays for the social services

Organization Objectives.

  1. To build the capacity of the youth to be productive and raise household incomes for improved livelihoods.
  2. To fight all sorts of immorality & prepare an upright generation for God.
  3. To initiate and develop programmes that address imbalances among vulnerable / marginalized groups.
  4. To provide self-reliance and self-determination
  5. Provisional of leadership, life skills and reproductive healthy.
  6. To mobilize & engage youths into evangelism, entrepreneurship & charity
  7. provisional of variety training in economic, education, social and culture
  8. To give Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.) education to the rural communities.

Project Goal:

Is to enhance spiritual, socio-economic capacities of Young people through asset based community development, thus working hand in hand and collaboration so as to achieve self reliance and sustainable livelihoods and growth through health, education and poverty alleviation programs at grassroots levels.

Project Objectives:

  1. Providing psychological, cultural and re-creative activities as a protection of mental health of youths.
  2. Training youth on: Adolescents and Youth, Sexuality, Adolescent growth and development, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Family Planning and violence against Women.
  3. Providing an opportunity to youths to gain positive working habits, as well as knowledge and skills that aren’t included in a school curriculum and capacities.
  4. Encouraging creativity and talents development in adequate and informal surrounding.
  5. Encouraging motivation among children, youths, trainers for additional education and group work by new methods Socialization of youths through cultural and creative work as a kind of a treatment for overcoming and resisting the post traumatic syndrome.
  6. Education of youths in vocational training and entrepreneurship skills
  7. Forming youth SACCOs
  8. Micro credit soft loans
  9. Provide innovative solution to overcome peer groups and drugs.
  10. Improving cooperation, communication, understanding, trust and friendship among youths
  11. Preparing youths for further education and future employment through gaining necessary knowledge and skills.
  12. Cooperating with wider social community and other non-governmental organizations in designing programs and consulting with parents and with schools and other educational institutions with aim of fitting programs and satisfying wider social needs.
  13. Giving support to teachers, trainers in gaining additional skills and knowledge.
  14. Organizing courses, workshops, seminars and other ways of youth’s education as addition of regular education in schools and other educational institutions about IT, foreign languages and other areas due the needs of wider social community.
  15. Organizing own library with reading room with professional, educational, fun literature and video films.

Problem Statement:

The youth in Namisambya & Kamuli at large have got economic and social problems. The economic problem is lack of employment opportunities. Even though youth population is dominant in the town, there are no enough jobs to absorb them and there is very high unemployment. As a result the youth do involve in illegal activities such as theft, gangsters, kidnapping and so on to sustain their lives. Common social problems are lack of recreation or entertainment centers, inadequate social facilities (health, education, and housing), etc. The lack of recreation center has led to engagement of youth in bad habits such as chewing chat (local stimulant plant) and drinking alcohol. In our study, 75% of the youth indicated that the reason for problems caused by youth is lack of entertainment centers for them. The same study also shows that 66.7% the youth spend their time chewing chat, as there is no place for recreation. In the study 75% of the youth indicated that establishment of youth center could alleviate the problems of the above-mentioned bad habits.
To observe the problems of youth one can easily go to the streets of Kamuli and observe the army of youth wondering jobless. In every streets of Kamuli it is common to see them in a very large number crowding the streets without any work .If these are mobilized in organized manner, they can really bring about great change in their lives and in the society. At present the large number of the youth engaged in using drugs and prostitution for girls this it show how will miss the future leaders and good generation. Thus it is essential to act as soon as possible to reverse the deteriorating situation of the youth at least to maintain the sustenance of our generation. Their potentials could be used for the development of the nation if attention is paid to them. They could also contribute to attainment of our development agenda that we are hoping to attain. Recognizing this, we do present this proposal to the development partners to fund this project so that the youth can contribute to the betterment of their own life and of the community.
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