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I realized that radio, television, and Internet preaching are beginning to take the place of traditional open-air preaching.
This prompted me to establish Yofochm Radio Uganda 2years ago, with the goal of taking gospel far & wide. Surely, our charity voice has penetrated houses, motorcars in over 184 nations i and our ministry have never reached. We are currently heard online, but our vision goes beyond this. Keep us in prayer as we badly need to establish this radio on local frequency(FM) in Uganda this year 2017 to be heard in the whole of East Africa(For those who cant afford internet connections). Since December 2014,we have registered testimonies of changed / encouraged lives in Christ, people accepting Christ and running away from their old deeds. Surely, this gives me a reason not to settle for-less. There is still much to do for God with today's technology.


Friends, every day we broadcast programs that reach people allover the world. We’re the only encouragement they’ll ever receive, and to them it’s "free." For us, it takes some doing and a lot of money to make it happen every day, week after week, month after month. With each dollar you are able to give, it will help us be able to reach even more listeners for Christ, build up more discouraged believers, and share the hope we have in Jesus. #Donations: P.O Box 7881 Kampala,Uganda(E.A). Tel:+256772053408,

Proposal for setting up a Community Christian radio station in Eastern Uganda.

Since December 2014, Our online founded radio station has become a church on Air to thousands of our listeners in the Diaspora, reaching & touching live of people in 192 countries & thousands of testimonies have been registered over people giving their lives to Christ, upholding righteousness and hope restored. That is how radio is taking the place of traditional open-air preaching and church structures in the world.
Being established on a local FM in Uganda will enable our ministry to extend the gospel to remote areas with no churches & internet.
It is thus at this time that we are calling upon God’s people to give any possible support towards extending the gospel in the region, reach more listeners for Christ, build up more discouraged believers, and share the hope we have in Christ through our established (Community) FM local station.
Our community radio will cover a population of over two million (2,000,000) people in the nine districts of Busoga region compared to two or four churches we would setup with the same funds required for the establishment of the radio. The radio is the only easiest way to send the gospel & penetrate people’s homes with no limitations.
The region being targeted is Busoga (Eastern Uganda) where many villages face a few or no churches. As a result, existing Christians and new converts (if any) backslide because of lack of a family to belong to & no one to encourage them in the Christian life which our anticipated FM radio station is looking forward to offer. On record, Busoga region is known for its witchcraft practices, poverty, religion and a gospel radio station is the only solution, hope & encouragement our people will ever receive.


God inspired me to open up a church where people would receive the encouragement, prayers and his word but I could not understand how that would happen till June 2014 when i felt convicted to set up a radio station. At a certain point i was hesitate because i had no resources and funds to make this happen. But God provided & that is how Yofochm Radio Uganda currently online came into existence.
The radio is a response to the call, and is our ‘Church on Air’, leading hundreds to Christ on a weekly basis and creating moments for Christians to abide in Christ. If such impacts have been realised online, how then will it be with an FM station establishment in our region. Kindly join us at extending the gospel to the communities of Eastern Uganda. After consultative meetings between our team and experienced engineers, a cost of $40,000 would fully facilitate the set up process of our Fm station as listed below:

Transmitter @$3,000
Permanent premises @$10,000
Licence @$1000
Stand by generator @$3,000
Studio equipment (microphones, Mixers, computers, Furniture, AC, acoustic) @$3,000
Must construction @$10,000
OB Van @$10,000
Total $40,000

Please write to us for any contribution,
Executive Director, Yofochm Radio Uganda
P.O Box 7881 Kampala, Uganda (E.Africa)
Tel: +256392839977, +256772053408
Email:, Website:
Bank Account
Barclays Bank of Uganda (ltd)
Yofochm – Uganda, 6001651437
You can listen to Yofochm Radio Uganda via our website above, in Google play store, on Tune in app, iTunes internet radio (religious category), simple radio or other platforms.