Fri 14th- Sun 16th Dec 2018

Every year as part of our programs, we carry out an annual leadership convention that attract over 500 young people in Africa to be equipped and strengthened for effective leadership.
THE convention will focus on encouraging young people become (light) to their communities. And this year’s theme is towards our love for people, our community and God.
The world today is crazy with selfish motives, No love for our community, no volunteers, no more chartable work. This is our time to take young people back to our roots (a love foundation).
The activities that shall be carried out will involve our team and the public from different parts of Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Kenya, Burundi, Congo, and Nigeria in practical love activities.
DAY 1: Charity Outreach to Mubende Referral Hospital, Fri 8am – 4pm
Aim: to love, give hope, bring smile & donate items to the Sick.
DAY 2: Charity Walk / Corporate Responsibility & Charity Visit to Council Leaders. Sat 9am – 4pm
Aim: Love walk, Activities in respect for our communities & its leadership.
DAY 3: Leadership Workshops (ALL). Sunday 8am – 6pm
Aim: to carryout leadership workshops on corporate responsibility & impart charity discipline.
Activities: Leadership Teachings from church, local & national leaders & Gala / Entertainment.